Lily Arminda

befriends the arresting beauty of heartbreak and stillness to mesmerize her audience - rarely rising above an indoor voice. Whether intentional, or simply due to her quiet nature, the hush to Arminda’s music captivates her listeners with a sense of comfort that’s hard to refuse. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Arminda got her start opening for artists such as Lucy Dacus and Benjamin Francis Leftwich at local venues while working on and releasing her debut EP, “The Hourglass.” Her second EP, “Mismatched Poetry,” was born during a week spent in Jacksonville Beach, Florida collaborating with singer/songwriter/producer Corey Kilgannon. This collection of songs shuttles listeners to the beach that Arminda frequented while making the record as evidenced in the dreamlike ukulele played on the song “Lullaby (feat. Corey Kilgannon)” and the sounds of waves crashing against the shore that wash over “Moon & Back” and “Darling (Meant to Be).” Arminda resides in New York City and her newest EP, “Neighborhood,” (out 10/18/2019) invites listeners to hear what the soft-spoken songstress makes of the city that is quite her opposite.