Lily Arminda

is a soft-spoken songstress who cites the nonstop noise of New York City as her latest and greatest muse. Her 2016 debut EP “The Hourglass” reflects her involvement in her Columbus, Ohio hometown music scene working with local artists and opening for inspirations such as Lucy Dacus and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. "The Hourglass” was followed up by “Mismatched Poetry,” which Arminda made with friend and singer/songwriter Corey Kilgannon in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The dreamlike ukulele on “Lullaby” and the authentic ocean sounds on tracks like “Moon & Back” and “Darling (Meant to Be),” make listeners feel as if they are sitting on the beach with Arminda singing them to bliss. Stand by to hear what the soft-spoken songstress gathers from the city that is quite her opposite.